About Us

Terra di Delizie invites you to rediscover our charming peninsula through local gastronomic specialties.

The products selected for you narrate the story of the lands from which they come from. They are made by small producers who, while respecting the ancient traditions, process raw materials with fully artisan techniques. For this reason, they are foods unable of finding a niche in the ordinary distribution channels, rather they represent the most authentic and genuine expression of the Italian quality renowned throughout the world.

We are happy to take you on a journey which pays homage to the extraordinary variety and wealth of our land, an adventure through which you will experience the charm which has shrouded the Bel Paese and its many treasures.

Welcome to Italy.

Our criteria

Terra di Delizie selects and markets foods and beverages which are part of the Italian regional tradition.

Our offer is characterized by:
High quality: we propose the best Italian foods and beverages
Wholesomeness: we believe in healthy eating for a healthy life and for this reason we exclusively select natural products which are 100% Made in Italy. We also have an organic food line
Exclusiveness: our catalogue is made of unique products which, on demand, may be presented in an elegant and refined packaging


We are committed to constantly search for the best Italian products. The criteria we comply with are wholesomeness and typical and quality productions. For this type of research, our staff is made of qualified professionals who skillfully carry out their task with passion, thus guaranteeing a selection of excellent foods within the vast Italian gastronomic heritage.

The Italian wine production is a world famed excellence and the great variety of wines, vines and producers – Italy has more than 355 vines of Italian origin for 504 wines between PDO and PGI – requires a proper selection. The sommeliers of our staff are committed to carefully and constantly search for the most vintage and precious labels. In addition to express a qualitative opinion, they also suggest food and wine pairings that heighten and enhance the products’ specificity.

Italy has a uniquely diverse territory, a variety that influences the richness of the food and beverage heritage including dairy products. Suffice it to say that over 500 types of cheese are made in our country. The task of our tasters is to assess the qualitative aspects of the entire supply chain, selecting the best pieces even within extremely limited productions and searching for the best makers and affineurs.

Another excellent Italian food production is the vast pork based cold meats selection ranging between hams, salami, cooked sausages, with substantial differences in each region. These salamis join ancient knowledge and traditions ranging between breeding and meat processing, as well as curing. The task of our tasters is to select the products and verify their quality level.

Extra virgin olive oil has been made in Italy for thousands of years and is one of the foundations of the Mediterranean diet. The different microclimates, the types of soil, the variety of olives allow to have about 500 different olive oils. The extra virgin olive oil keeps its properties for about one year and therefore it must be marketed fresh, while paying great attention to the yearly productions. Our staff selects the best brands by highlighting organoleptic differences, quality standards and guaranteed quality.

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